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Normandy Landing in China

WonderHorse is proud to announce our partnership with Pôle Hippolia and Conseil des Chevaux de Normandie to provide a year-round services to their members in doing business with China.

Normandy is known as the land of horses where breeding, racing and equestrian sports are not only an industry but a tradition. Normandy provides also a favorable and friendly environment for equine enterprises to establish, develop and expand their businesses. Pôle Hippolia and Conseil des Chevaux de Normandie are the pillars of industrial support to over 260 enterprises, 60 professional associations and more than 4 500 socio-professionals in the region and beyond.

This new partnership will allow at least 12 French equine companies, members of Pôle Hippolia and/or Conseil des Chevaux de Normandie, to have a regular and consistent presence in China Horse Business LIVE which takes place every first Monday of the month. On this monthly webinar, they will be able to introduce their brands, products and services to Chinese audience from the equine industry, get instant feedback and connect directly with Chinese decision-makers. In addition, they will receive the most updated information and market insights produced by China Horse Business Podcast on a weekly basis. So far, China Horse Business LIVEhas accumulated over 450 registered Chinese participants while China Horse Business Podcast has been listened over 10 000 times in China and in the world!

WonderHorse team will work closely with Pôle Hippolia and Conseil des Chevaux to put forward a global strategy in helping French companies to grow their businesses in Chinese market and to assist them with customized solutions in terms of branding, marketing, retail, distribution, supply chain and so on.

*Pôle Hippolia - The Hippolia Cluster is the only government-certified “competitive cluster” dedicated to the horse industry. It has multiple goals and a single ambition – to position the French horse industry at the forefront of innovation.

*Conseil des Chevaux de Normandie - Since 1997, the Normandy Horse Council aggregates all the equine skills in a unique place. It is an interface between equestrian professionals and institutions. It represents and gathers the equine industry in Normandy. Six groups gathering 60 professional associations represent the interests of above 4,500 socio-professionals from the whole equine industry: flat and trot racing, sport and draft horses, donkeys, promotion, structuring sites, training- research-business.

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