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Sharing Experiences between Britain and China

The podcast series "国王的运动 | The Sport of Kings by GBRI" launched by the Great British Racing International continues to release two new episodes. In the episode No.3 "Infinite Joy of Horse Ownership", Apollo NG, Voting Member of the Hong Kong Jockey Club and President of the Racing World Magazine shared his story in becoming a horse owner and in witnessing the contribution of British thoroughbred in Hong Kong races. In another episode, Professor HAN Guocai from China Agricultural University talked about how to "Breed to Succeed". He is the main drafter of Chinese Equine Industry Development Plan (2020-2025) jointly published by the Ministry of Agriculture and the Bureau of Sports in 2019.

This podcast is composed of 7 episodes covering every aspect of the British racing industry. The remaining episodes will be released every Thursday on the biggest podcast platform Ximalaya, as well as Apple Podcasts and Spotify. Other distinguished guest speakers including Mr. Ben CHAN (Southeast Asia Representative of Tattersalls), Mr. CAI Meng, (Vice-President of Chinese Horse Industry Association) and, Dr. Kevin LIN OBE (Official Interpreter of the Queen and six successive Prime Ministers of the UK) will take part in the upcoming episodes to share their experiences on racing in Britain.

This podcast series will be concluded by a special note from the Honourable Harry Herbert, CEO of Highclere Thoroughbred Racing and of The Royal Ascot Racing Club and coordinator of The Cartier Racing Awards, recently appointed as the President of the Dynasty Racing Club dedicated to Chinese and British racing enthusiasts.

The podcast is co-hosted by Zoe Quin and Jojo Wong, produced by WonderHorse.

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