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Updated: Jul 26, 2022

GBRI's initiatives in Chinese racing market

The podcast series “国王的运动 | The Sport of Kings by GBRI” launched by the Great British Racing International hit over 10 000 listens on Ximalaya podcast platform!

The podcast is co-hosted by Zoe Quin and Jojo Wong, two seasoned equine experts in China. In 7 episodes, they talked to different guest speakers who shared their stories and experiences relating to British racing. The Honourable Harry Herbert, a notable figure within British racing, concluded the series by addressing a special note to Chinese audience.

It is the first time that a foreign racing organization released a Chinese podcast for Chinese market. “Horse racing is still a niche topic in China. This is why we are choosing to produce high-quality content, courtesy of our exceptional guests and hosts, and to deliver our messages via podcasting,” said Minty Farquhar, General Manager of Great British Racing International, “We are thrilled to share our passion for racing with the Chinese audience and, in particular, to launch this initiative in this Platinum Jubilee year of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, who enjoys the same passion as we all do.”

After launching the Dynasty Racing Club dedicated to Chinese horse lovers in the UK, GBRI took another step into Chinese market with this podcast series tailor-made for Chinese racing enthusiasts. The British racing industry, represented by GBRI, will continue to reinforce its influence in China.

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