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Saut Hermès: Echo in China

Updated: May 26, 2022

After two postponed editions, the Saut Hermès brought back the tramp of hoofs in the heart of Paris – the Grand Palais Ephémère at the Champ-de-Mars with the magnificent Eiffel Tower backdrop.

We followed closely this 3-day event and spread the joy with Chinese equestrian enthusiasts on mainstream channels like Little Red Book and WeChat, as well as emerging channels such as Ximalaya podcast*. The Saut Hermès is an eye-opening experience for audience in China. They are not only impressed by the top-notch riders and horses in the ring, but also the cultural and aesthetic expression on the stage.

Moreover, the new Selle Rouge launched by Hermès saddlery during the Saut Hermès showcases the decades know-how, continuous innovation and the pursuit of excellence in saddle making of the house. Chinese riders are eager to see the new saddle become available soon in Chinese market.

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